School Lunch


It is hard to learn when your tummy is hungry. Instead of hearing the teacher’s voice, your mind is filled with the growling, pain of your hunger.

At the Grace Center, we decided the BEST way to fight hunger and poverty in our community was to provide two hot meals a day at our school. Lots of great things are happening because of these school meals:
  • Our children are growing stronger and healthier;
  • Our children are able to stay in school learning for an extra 3 hours;        
  • The burden is relieved at home for parents who are struggling to feed their families;
  • Our children are dreaming of a bright, fruitful future -- going to university, finding good jobs, helping their community grow!
Help us fight hunger and poverty. We can feed a child two meals for $1. Every dollar you raise makes a HUGE difference.

A typical meal of nsima (corn), beans and greens.

"Line up for hand washing!"